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Legal Writing Institute One-Day Workshop

The ability to write clearly and effectively is a critically important skill for a lawyer. As part of a national Legal Writing Institute series, the University of Baltimore School of Law will hold a one-day legal writing workshop at the Angelos Law Center on Friday, Dec. 13. The focus of the workshop, which is geared toward legal writing educators, is 
"Preparing Practice-Ready Students.”

Legal Writing in the News

Clarity in communication and civility in tone are hallmarks of any piece of effective writing—but given the potentially high stakes of nearly any matter that comes before a court of law, writing legal documents with integrity is of critical importance. Unclear or inflammatory language can confuse, mislead and offend.

Take the recent 6th Circuit opinion in  Bennett v. State Farm Insurance, in which a perhaps overzealous lawyer wrote that a plaintiff’s argument was “ridiculous,” thereby drawing the wrath of a U.S. District Court judge.  

“There are good reasons not to call an opponent’s argument ‘ridiculous,’ which is what State Farm calls Barbara Bennett’s principal argument here,” Judge Kethredge wrote. “The reasons include civility; the near-certainty that overstatement will only push the reader away (especially when, as here, the hyperbole begins on page one of the brief); and that, even where the record supports an extreme modifier, ‘the better practice is usually to lay out the facts and let the court reach its own conclusions.’”  

Whether you embrace the merits of Bennett or not, what the judge said about establishing the right tone and using the right words is, well, inarguable.

Among the topics to be discussed: 
• Working effectively with your local bar
• It’s not just the memo anymore—new exercises to enhance the classroom experience
• What exactly does the legal market expect from our students?
• Who are the millennials?

Please take a look at the complete schedule, presentation descriptions, and speaker bios.

We are pleased to welcome presenters from Charlotte School of Law, University of Dayton School of Law, Nova Southeastern, George Washington University, University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law, University of Tennessee College of Law, Tulane University Law School and Touro Law School. 

Reserve your space through the Legal Writing Institute.

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