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School of Law

Welcome from the Dean

Are you determined to succeed? What are you determined to achieve?

Dean Weich

At the UB School of Law, we'll introduce you to a different way of thinking. We’ll help you reach your goals as you help others reach theirs.

Dean Ronald Weich

As the dean of the University of Baltimore School of Law, I appreciate determination. My own legal career has been driven by my determination to practice law in ways that would challenge me and help others. After serving as a prosecutor in New York City, I came to Washington, D.C., to work for a new federal agency. Over the years I successfully rose through the ranks to become chief counsel to U.S. Sens. Edward M. Kennedy and Majority Leader Harry Reid. I spent eight years as a partner in a prominent law firm, and in the years before coming to the University of  Baltimore I served in the Obama administration as an assistant attorney general under Attorney General Eric Holder. 

Just as my blended career in government and private practice makes me unconventional among law school deans, so is the University of Baltimore rare among law schools for its long-standing emphasis on practical learning. We prepare students for the complexities and challenges of the 21st-century legal profession. Our students graduate with more than the ability to pass the bar; they acquire the skills, wisdom and experience to be effective lawyers in the real world.

How do we provide an education like that? We're not a small law school, but we take pride in the personalized attention we provide to our students. We offer practical experiences, but we are grounded in the rigor of contemporary legal theory. We never stand still—we innovate, we experiment, we break and remake the mold.

As an unconventional dean, I am finding unconventional ways to improve the school. I bring a fresh perspective to the task of helping students become excellent lawyers and find exciting jobs in the current legal marketplace.

Across this website, you'll learn about our world-class faculty, our wide-ranging curriculum and a host of cutting-edge developments taking place at UB. You'll find out about our nationally recognized law clinics, our pioneering approach to legal writing instruction, and the opportunities we provide for in-depth scholarship and interdisciplinary training.

One of the most exciting developments at UB is the dramatic, contemporary law center that we call home. The John and Frances Angelos Law Center, which opened in April 2013, has quickly become a Baltimore landmark. One of the most environmentally sustainable academic structures in the country, the law center -- which was granted LEED Platinum status by the U.S. Green Building Council -- features innovative systems to make optimal use of air, light and water. The building symbolizes our vision of the law as a pathway toward more stable communities, stronger civic institutions and better relations among human beings. (Learn more about our new building.)

If you're a new student, your first days at the school will change your life. We’ll introduce you to a different way of thinking. You will find mentors—on the faculty and staff, within the alumni community and among your fellow students. We'll help you reach your goals as you help others reach theirs.

So explore our school, on this website and in person. Ask us tough questions. The UB faculty, staff and I are personally available to try to answer those questions.

As you learn more about the University of Baltimore School of Law, you may find that we share your values and your goals—and your own sense of determination to succeed.


Ronald Weich