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School of Law

Journal of Land and Development

The University of Baltimore Journal of Land and Development is a scholarly, interdisciplinary legal journal that publishes in-depth legal and policy analysis on issues related to land and development. Topics covered in this publication include urban, suburban, and rural issues involving land use, environmental preservation, economic development, redevelopment, community development, real estate transactions and finance, property, civil rights, human rights, civil liberties, and state and local government. The journal, published under the direction of a student editorial board, is committed to academic excellence and the dissemination of knowledge to the legal community.

Membership on the University of Baltimore Journal of Land and Development is limited to second- and third-year law students who are selected on the basis of their performance on an annual writing competition. UB Law students who are interested in joining the journal typically write the competition at the end of their 1L year; however, part-time students have the option of writing-on after their second year. Members of the Editorial Board  earn two pass-fail credits per semester, and Staff Editors earn one pass-fail credit each semester.


Kieran Murphy

Managing Editor

Anjali Rajasekhar

Articles Editor

Publications Editors

Daniel Abramson

Caitlin Biggins

Symposium Editor

Manuscripts Editor

Production Editors

Ryan Perna

Meghan Hild

Kristan Ulan

Chinyere Orie

Senior Staff Editors

Brook Abrams

Caroline Dewey

Jennifer Burroughs

Parker Jones

Matthew Cascio

James Lilly

Austen Cohen

Divya Mallela

Micah Colby

Ian Morrison

Jeffrey Crockett 

Ashley Phillips

Staff Editors

Andrew Balashov

Lyndsey Jones

Erin Carroll

Jennifer Loeb

Julie Dailey

Emily Mikles

Michael Farrell

Adam Scharff

Erika Flaschner

Christopher Soper

Alexander Geraldo

Tiffany Williams

Faculty Advisor

Professor Audrey McFarlane