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School of Law

The University of Baltimore Law Review


The University of Baltimore School of Law's flagship journal, the University of Baltimore Law Review, provides an in-depth analysis of timely legal topics of interest to the legal community nationwide. 

As an academic forum for legal scholarship, the journal is a valuable research tool for legal practitioners. The Law Review also operates as a training ground for its members and provides them with the opportunity to hone their writing, research, editing, and time-management skills—the very skills that are prized in the job market. Under the direction of a student-run Editorial Board, the Law Review is published four times a year. Articles include works by professors, practitioners, judges and students, and inquiries regarding submission are always welcome. The Law Review also hosts an annual symposium—a conference for students and legal professionals that addresses timely legal issues—and co-sponsors the Feminist Legal Theory Conference with the Center for Applied Feminism. In 2012, the Law Review unveiled an online version of the publication to serve as an outlet for the timely publishing of editorials, commentary and legal scholarship for the Law Review staff and the local legal community as a whole. It is available here.

3rd Annual Speed Bluebooking Nov. 14 PowerPoint presentation.

Law Review Executive Board, Volume 43:

Editor-in-Chief: John Baber
Managing Editor: Meredith Cipriano
Production Editors: Matt McCloskey, Alison Graham, Jordan Halle, Hannah Levin
Articles Editor: Virginia Callahan
Comments Editor: Benjamin Bor
Executive Editor: Jeffrey Toppe
Symposium Editor: Jeff Bernstein
Technology Editor: Jeff Amoros

Law Review Associate Board, Volume 43
Associate Managing Editors: Emily Alt and Maria Surdokas
Associate Articles Editor: Brent Clemmens
Associate Symposium Editor: Laura Hunt
Associate Technology Editors: Elisabeth Connell and T. Joseph McQueeney
Associate Comment Editors: Jessica Gorsky, Ryan Krute, Jessica Pilarski, James Sensor and Darryl Tarver

Law Review Staff Members, Volume 43
Dylan Bernstein, Adam Bosse, Megan Burnett, Brian Cannon, Timothy Carey, Joel Celso, Christopher Crosby, Jennifer Daly, Kaitlin Del Vecchio, Alex Dobrusin, Chelsae Endzel, Keith Ferrier, Kaitlan Folderauer, Gregory Fox, Samantha Freed, Katherine Furlong, Laura Gagne, Morgan Gough, Erin Hanrahan, Jennifer Harris, Katherine Helfrich, Katie Huff, Maria Ilidis, Kenneth Jones, Thomas Jones, April Kerns, Kyle Kushner, Michael Leeb, Marie Long, Caitlin McAtee, Chris Merrill, Niki Holmes, Ryan Horka, John MacLellan, Stephanie Maddox, Adam McCormick, Ethan Nochumowitz, Natalie Novak, Kaitlyn Pasco, Myles Poster, David Shafer, Karen Smith, Philip Smith, Stuart Smith, Lindsey Thomas, Nate Titman, Abbey Ray, Laura Ruppersberger, Ryan Walburn, Bryce Ziskind and Nati Zongo.

Faculty Adviser: Venable Professor of Law Robert Lande.