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The University of Baltimore School of Law's flagship journal, the University of Baltimore Law Review provides an in-depth analysis of timely legal topics of interest to the legal community nationwide. 

As an academic forum for legal scholarship, the journal is a valuable research tool for legal practitioners. The Law Review also operates as a training ground for its members and provides them with the opportunity to hone their writing, research, editing and time-management skills—skills that are prized in the job market. Under the direction of a student-run editorial board, the Law Review is published three times a year. Articles include works by professors, practitioners, judges and students, and inquiries regarding submission are always

Are you a Law Review alum?
Every spring, the Law Review hosts a gathering of its alumni. We hope will you join us at our next event!  To make sure that you receive an invitation, please fill out this alumni update form and specify the years you were on Law Review, your address and your firm's name and location.

welcome. The Law Review also co-sponsors the Feminist Legal Theory Conference with the Center on Applied Feminism. In 2012, the Law Review unveiled an online version to serve as an outlet for the timely publication of editorials, commentary and legal scholarship for the Law Review staff and the local legal community as a whole.

3rd Annual Speed Bluebooking Nov. 14 PowerPoint presentation.

Law Review Executive Board, Volume 45: 

Editor in Chief: Nicole Kozlowski
Managing Editor: Sonya Walker
Production Editors: Katherine Bloom, Catherine Florea, Christopher Monte, Lauren Wood
Articles Editor: Alexander Castelli
Comments Editor: Meredith Boram
Executive Editor: Meaghan Vernick
Business Editor: Lauren Lake
Symposium Editor: Samantha Ardinger
Technology Editor: Jacob Deaven

Law Review Associate Board, Volume 45
Associate Managing Editors: Paul Burgin, Olivia Fogarty
Associate Articles Editor: Michael Brook
Associate Technology Editor: Lawrence Rachuba
Associate Comment Editors: Michael Berman, Emily Greene, Alexandra Queener, Edward Richardson, Kris Vallecillo

Law Review Staff Members, Volume 45

Taylor Beckham, Graham Bennie, Ashley Ensor, Brittany Favazza, Nicholas Fearnow, Catherine Florea, Thomas Geddes, Logan Haarz, Allen Honick, Alex Hughes, Harry Jones, Nida Kanwal, Frank Lozupone, Rebekah Mears, Devon Miller, Christopher Monte, Philip Motsay, Alexander Powell, Kelly Raynaud, Brittany Strickland, Lisa Walker, Tiffany Ashton, Michael Bullock, Christopher Burns, Stanley Carignan, Drew Chlan, Shannon Clancy, Anna Clark, Austin Cohen, Laura Cress, Elizabeth Danquah-Brobby, Michael Elliker, Christopher Finke, Sean Fox, Madison Frank, Stuart Goldberg, Preston Heck, Julia Houp, Daniel Huchla, Erik Johnson, Ryan Knopp, Michele Lambert, Marie Langlois, Ilona Lashkevych, Joseph McCully, Rachel Melchor, Thomas Newton, Rachele Norfolk, Aiste Palskyte, Leila Parker, Jay Patel, Abigail Pearlman, Christian Piatt, Jackson Protzman, Elizabeth Reinecke, Claire Robinson, Kirsten Smulovitz, Hillary Soper, Emily Steiner, Kristin Tracy, Ben Weathers

Faculty Adviser: Venable Professor of Law Robert Lande.