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Part Time Evening FAQ

What will my classes be?

In the fall first year evening students are enrolled for 9 credits:

  • Introduction to Lawyering Skills (3crs)
  • Contracts I (3crs)
  • Civil Procedure I (3crs)

In the spring you will take 10 credits:

  • Contracts II (3crs)
  • Civil Procedure II (3crs)
  • Torts (4crs)

Can I select my class times?

The Office of Academic Affairs selects the class times and sections for first year students.

What time do evening classes start?

Evening classes generally begin at 6:00pm.  You can expect to be in classes Monday -Thursday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

Can I change from Evening to Day?

You may change from evening to full time after the first year.  Because of course sequencing however, you will most likely need to take a combination of day and evening courses over the next year.

How much time will I spend on homework each week?

The amount varies by student and by time of year.  Expect to spend at least 3 hours per credit hour per week on homework.  The amount will be greater prior to finals and deadlines for writing assignments.

When will I get my homework done if I work all day?

Most evening students spend the weekend completing their assignments.  Some would rather complete the assignments the night before the class.  You will find the balance that works best for you.

Is there academic assistance available for evening students?

The school of law began as an evening law school and still values our evening students.  We have a tremendous amount of experience working with evening students.  Academic assistance and advising is available up to 6:00pm and later by appointment.

Will I be in class with full time students?

We only admit students to the evening program who apply as evening students.  We do not take full time day applicants and place them in the evening program.  Day students are only allowed to take upper level classes. Day students are not allowed to enroll in these classes until evening students have had the opportunity to enroll.

Do most evening students work?

A large majority of evening students work full time jobs.  Many have families or other responsibilities.