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The award-winning University of Baltimore Law Forum concentrates on developing trends and topics unique to the Maryland legal community. 

The University of Baltimore Law Forum provides unique focus on Maryland's legal decisions and issues, providing practitioners and the larger community with one-stop location for gaining insight and information on the changes shaping the practice of law in Maryland. The student-reviewed journal includes articles from University of Baltimore law students and faculty, as well as Maryland-based attorneys, judges and legislators. 


The Law Forum is published twice a year. Subscriptions are available at no cost. To subscribe or for additional information, please contact the Editor in Chief. Subscriptions are renewed automatically.

This journal also is available on Westlaw or Lexis and is available in most law libraries.

  • Editorial Board Members

    Editor in Chief: Alicia Shelton
    Managing Editor: Ben Beasley
    Articles Editor: Katie Gallagher
    Recent Developments Editor: Rob Lewis
    Assistant Articles Editor: Michael Stedman
    Assistant Managing Editor: Kristin Nuss
    Comments Editor: Shannon Slater
    Manuscripts Editor: Rob Kline
    Resource Editor: Matt Grogan
    Faculty AdvisorElizabeth J. Samuels, Professor of Law

  • Featured Articles

    The Referendum Process in Maryland: Balancing Respect for Representative Government with the Right to Direct Democracy, by Professor Stephen Shapiro

    The Future of LGBT Civil Rights and Equality in Maryland, by Aaron S. Merki, The Honorable Shannon Avery, and Anne Blackfield

    Pit Bulls – Maryland’s Solesky Case Changes Liability Standard, by Susan Rappaport and Kathleen M. Elmore      

    The Firearms Safety Act and the Future of the Second Amendment Debate, by Dominic Lamartina            


  • Upcoming Articles

     Maryland Repeals the Death Penalty, but Leaves Five on Death Row: What Has the State Learned from Kirk Bloodsworth, by Meredith Lenore Pendergrass

    Citizen Journalists & the Right to Gather News: Why Maryland Needs to Acknowledge a First Amendment Right to Record the Police, by Kristine L. Dietz

    When Does Crawford Reach Jailhouse Phone Calls That Implicate a Co-Defendant, But Are Made by Another Non-Testifying Co-Defendant?, By Matt Grogan

  • The University of Baltimore Law Forum Journal 2013-2014